terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

As melhores banda de Hardcore Screamo

Andei pesquisando algumas bandas na internet de screamo encontrei algumas muito legais essas são para queles que gostão de muito gritooooooooo.

We Are The Ocean
Escape The Fate
Inhale Exhale
Eyes Set To Kill
Hopes Die Last
A Skylit Drive
Enter Shikari
is scream aim fire - bullet for my valantine
nothing good has happened yet - we are the ocean
situations - escape the fate
mothership - enter shikari
dang - eyes set to kill
where can I stab my self in the ear - Hawthrone heights
things that rhyme with orange - ISMFOF
My fears have become phobias - as blood runs black
Braile - bring me the horizon
the irony of dying on your birthday - senses fail
Red dress - LoveHateHero
dressed for friend requests - drop dead gorgeous
black rose dying - bless the fall
knives and pens - black veil brides
Still Fly (cover) - the devil wears prada
smile in your sleep - silverstein
eris and dysnomia - a skylit drive
everyone looks so good from here - underoath
there's no penguins in alaska - Chiodos
this is the part usually where people scream - Alesana

Obrigado por ler Kimi - S. Beijokas

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